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Technology Intervention

The traditional method of construction of individual houses comprising of load bearing walls with an appropriate roof above or reinforced cement concrete (RCC) framed structure construction with masonry infill walls is totally inadequate for mass housing construction in view of the slow rate of construction. Further, such constructions are prone to poor quality even in case of contractors with substantial resources and experience, due to inherent defects in the quality of skilled labour and number of joints. Further they require skilled and semi skilled labour. Skilled masons are a scarce commodity now with definite knowledge in construction suffering the quality of workmanship and consequently inconsistent quality of the ultimate product. There are number of buildings constructed with the help of new technologies and has proved satisfactory Environment for Construction In order to cut down costs, time and give quality house.

Hence necessacity for innovative technology which are capable of fast construction rate and are able to deliver good quality and durable structure in cost effective manner.The APRSCL adopted new technologies as interventions and are:

1) M/S Shirke construction technology:
This technology envisages using pre -cast Siporex blocks for wall and slabs panels are used. The blocks are light weight and prevent absorption of water and thus prevent dampness. The columns and beams are cast at the casing yard. They are tested for strength and other mandatory requirements of quality assurance. These building elements are transported to the site and erected. The building elements thus erected conform to the quality, good workmanship as they are erected by machines and manually. A township comprising of 6214 flats at Jawaharnagar costing Rs.1000 Crores is taken up. The pattern of construction is G+14.

Aluminum formwork technology or MIVAN technology by L & T:
The APRSCL entrusted construction of 3517 flats costing Rs.760 Crores at Bachupalli in Qutubullahpur Mandal in Ranga Reddy district using Aluminum formwork technology

The system of aluminum formwork is being used widely in the construction of residential units and mass housing projects. It is fast, simple, adaptable and produces total quality work which requires minimum time

This Technology is suitable for constructing large number of houses within short time using room sized forms to construct walls and slabs at one go. Formwork removal is achieved by hot air curing or using curing compounds. This facilitates fast construction. All the activities are planned in sequentially. Planning and execution of houses in an assembly manner results in accurate, well - controlled and high quality production in shortest possible time. Large room sized formwork for walls and floors slabs are erected at site. Ready made concrete (RMC) produced under strict quality control is poured in to the formwork and allowed it to set and cured. The frames for windows and door as well as ducts for services are placed in the form before concreting. Staircase flights, façade panels, sunshades and grills etc. and other pre-fabricated items are also integrated into the structure. This proves to be a major advantage as compared to other modern construction techniques. However all issues arising out of construction needs to be well and properly planned and alterations after constructions are difficult.

The entire operation essentially comprises fitting and erecting the portion of shuttering as planned (the optimization in use is determined by appropriate planning) and then carrying out concreting of the walls and slabs. The dimensional accuracy of the formwork is of high order. Therefore any possibility of errors does not rise or minimized.

Quality Advantage of new Technologies
High quality Formwork panels and factory manufactured building elements ensure consistency of dimensions; high quality concrete finish is produced to accurate tolerances and verticality which is aesthetically good. The high tolerance of the finish means that no further plastering is required in the case of aluminum formwork.

The APRSCL's has given consideration for speed and economy consistent with Quality. Good quality construction will never deter projects speed nor should it be uneconomical. In fact, time consuming repairs and rectifications due to poor quality work, generally delay the job and cause additional financial impact on the project.

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Technology Intervention
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