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ELIGIBILITY AS PER GO Ms.No. 29 Dated:07.07.2012
 The area of construction and income eligibility of the applicants will be as follows:
Sl.No.Category & Name Flat size / Built up area Plot size and built up area for individual houses Monthly income range
1. Civic - 1 BHK (EWS) 493-545 Sft. 400-530 Sft / 100 Sq.Yds No income limit
2. Basic - 2 BHK (LIG) 761-940 Sft. 4685-700 Sft / 150 Sq.Yds No income limit
3. Intrinsic - 2 BHK (MIG) 1150 Sft. + 1151 Sft / 200 Sq.Yds No income limit
4. Classic - 3 BHK (HIG) 1470 Sft + 1494 Sft / 250 Sq.Yds. No income limit
5. *Exotic 3 BHK 1599 & up Sft. 1600 & up / 260 Sq.Yard No income limit
* Exotic means size which is bigger than the notified sizes of any category either the plot or the plinth area or both or same plinth area but the plot size is less.
However, if the demand for smaller houses is more, the applicants from lower income group will be given preference and houses will be provided on priority.

No residence criterion will be asked for from applicants of Rajiv Swagruha Scheme. However, the existing provision of not owning a house in the Municipal Corporation / Municipality limit where applied will continue. An Affidavit to this effect will be insisted. Also the provision of lock-in-period of 5 years for sale of house/flat will remain.

 The registration fee is Rs. 5,000/- in Municipal Corporation areas and Rs. 3,000/- in all other Municipalities: The cost of the application form is Rs. 250/-. The Corporation may decide the cost of application form and registration fee from time

 Online applications are available. Applications can be downloaded from web site. to time.
     1. Pattern of constructions varies from project to project i.e. from G+5 to G+14, Independent Single & Duplex houses as of now.
     2. Plinth area may vary from project to project
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